Business Information Systems

For whatever reason you landed on this page ZigZag IT explains what can do for you. In essence 'what we do'.

  • ZigZagIT serversComplete bespoke solutions for your Business
  • Windows and Linux Servers for Business
  • Applications Development
  • Business Telephone Systems


  • Analyse your business.
  • Manage changes to your business IT systems.
  • Deliver whole or partial solutions to run your business.
  • Patch missing peaces in your business.
  • Fixing whatever you use at this moment (Servers, Computers, Microcontrollers, Software, Hardware, PC, Network equipment, etc).

Thus from this perspective, you can find more detailed explanation, please do follow...

If you need analysis of your Business its operations and Information Systems contact ZigZag IT now. ZigZagIT has a solid university background and longstanding experience of dealing with computer systems and its weakness. Even, if you are one-man-band struggled with IT technology, multinational corporation's Active Domain server break down or just printer is deaf to your desperate printings Call ZigZag IT now. ZigZag IT will helps you over the phone, remotely or on-site, preferably close to Manchester Area. However, ZigZag IT clients are from California, Poland or even Peterborough where continuos support or remotely help is given. 

Main areas of expertise:

  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Project Management
  • Improve Business Operations



  • Cloud computing, SaaS, Amazon Web Services
  • Network Attached Storage RAID-Z ZFS Sun's storage
  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planing
  • Virtual private server
  • Active Domain Tree, Microsoft Email Exchange
  • Deployment Systems
  • Database planning and design
  • Interoffice VPN connection
  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Factory automation systems

Finally, ZigZag IT will boosts your efficiencies, cut IT operational costs and create a sustainable competitive advantage with the client-focused IT consulting and integration services. When your goal is to enhance IT-enabled strategic business development for your organization, take advantage of our consulting and integration service, which delivers an agile IT environment that, is accurately aligned with your business strategies and objectives. Our mission is to help you realise true business value from your IT investments-achieved with the industry-acclaimed skills, experience, tools and proven SDLC methodology.

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