Cloud & Business Information Systems


Deployment of Full Information System for your Business. Business Existence In the Cloud, in the Permises or Hybrid Solution.

Expierenced with creating working Business Information Systems enviorement for startaups.

The Sky still is not the Limit

Complete bespoke solutions for your Business

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You can expect all that is possible and impossible

  • Cloud Servers Management
  • Windows and Linux Servers for Business
  • Applications Development, Webapps, Embedded Systems
  • Cloud & Business Telephone Systems
  • Cloud & Business Network Storage
  • Analyse your business (New Technologies).
  • Manage changes to your Business Information Systems
  • Deliver whole, partial or patching technology to run your Business
  • When you become a client additional services for you:
  • Project Management including subcontracting 
  • Fixing whatever you use at the moment including: Servers, Computer, Microcontrollers, Software, Hardware, PC’s, Network equipment and many more.
  • Internet of Things Development and Deployment
  • Business Inteligence
  • Artificail Inteligence

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