Internet tour guide for a visit abroad

How to use Mobile internet abroad.

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Internet tour guide for Morocco

Vodafone price for Internet in Morocco is 5GBP for the first 25MB and then 3GBP per 1MB (cost of 1 GB over 3000 GBP – 3 grands!!!!)

Firstly, obtain a mobile phone with internet sharing over WiFi capabilities (AKA internet tethering, AKA AP mode) preferable android one.

Next, buy local sim card Maroc Telecom (the best coverage and 40 dirhams ~ 3GBP) at a local market and ask them to top up internet e.g. 4GB (50 dirhams ~ 4GBP). Android allows you to set warning and limit of data transferred (downloaded and uploaded) thus you can plan your data usage.

As soon Mobile shop’s personnel make your phone internetworking, switch on AP mode (and switch off services you will not use) – share internet over WiFi. ZigZag IT recommends to not set a password as it will work trouble less – connecting faster and less likely disconnects when you far between devices. Connect your Mobile (and your caring about phones) to your Morocco’ Mobile. Please note, you can hide SSID, MAC address filtering or turn password only if you do not want occasional Internet sharks to be connected to your internet.

Moreover, Morocco is mainly French-speaking country and mobile shops too. ZigZag IT recommend employing a tour guide who translate you wish to the shop personnel. Make sure they will do all the settings and check that the internet is working before pay.

In essence, AP mode uses a lot of power and you should not expect to run longer than 3 hours at full charge. Obtain power pack as is handy to emergency power up your internet.

Besides, if you have your Google collect and store your location data (Google Location History) you can enjoy track of your all trips.

On the other hand, Morocco is very well capable of fast internet (3G) and they have at least 3G signal even in the mountain which was really amazing. Roads were always finished with tarmac and flat which was amazing as well.

ZigZag IT recommends 4GB for a family of two (Facebook, messenger, picture backup) but you can use Maroc Telecom scratchcard to buy more Internet. ZigZag IT found as well that Facebook messenger voice never connects but on the other hand IPPBX (SIP AKA VoIP) works always perfectly well with or without VPN. WhatsApp or Skype service is unknown as not tested.

Happy internetworking.

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